March 22, 2023

Bunny Tote Bag


Bunny Tote Bag

Simple Bunny Origami Tote Bag


Square colored paper, rectangular colored paper


  1. Prepare a square colored paper and fold it corner to corner, as shown in the picture.
  2. Fold the bottom corner in half toward the centerline, the top corner is also folded in half toward the centerline, and the bottom corner is folded in half toward the top corner
  3. After turning the paper over, the steps are the same as above. as the picture shows.
  4. Next, fold up a line next to the centerline of the corner on the left and right.
  5. Open the paper and fold it according to the crease. This is the folded handbag. Now let’s decorate.
  6. Paste on the bunny’s face. as the picture shows.
  7. Then glue the bag of the tote bag, as shown in the picture.
  8. The bunny tote bag is ready, isn’t it cute


Be sure to press firmly when folding.

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How to Design a Brochure Tote Bag

The brochure is the preparation for promoting the product, but the handbag is a medium, but the brochure Bunny tote bag is an indispensable kind of publicity, so you must also want to know how to design the publicity handbag 11 Degrees Discount Code NHS.


  1. When it comes to brochure handbags, it is necessary to design a good theme in order to attract people to look down, especially handbags are an indispensable convenience in our life, of course, handbags are also a means of publicity and dissemination. A powerful approach.
  2. When introducing handbags, the image and history of the company will definitely be presented. This is absolutely indispensable. Let others know what you do, and at the same time choose you according to their needs.
  3. The classification and size of handbags is also very important. It is necessary to choose the size according to the needs of customers.
  4. The brochure handbag is to provide new and old customers with more perfect and better product quality. Of course, the handbag is also a favorable means to help you promote, which is the effect brought by the handbag brochure.

Simple strokes of handbags

Explanation in this issue: How to draw a cute handbag with a few simple strokes~~~Just for everyone to learn and communicate

  • Paper
  • Pen


  1. First draw a handle part of the tote bag
  2. Draw the upper part of the bag~
  3. Start drawing the outline of the tote bag
  4. Complements the outer contour
  5. Start drawing the interior details
  6. Draw the round face pattern in the middle of the tote bag
  7. Finally, paint in your favorite color and you are done.

What are the common features of handbag printing

  1. The printing of handbags has a certain commonality, and the difference in printing is often reflected in the quality of the Bunny handbag. The printing is exquisite and beautiful, and it becomes the handbag that the enterprise must have, and the importance of the brand is promoted.
  2. Processing technology. The processing of plastic handbags is relatively simple, and the more complicated ones are paper handbags, because this kind of handbags need to go through paste molding, punching, threading and other processes before they can be formed.
  3. Handbag printing materials. If we want to print handbags, we need to pay attention to using some good materials, because only good materials can show the grade, and the load-bearing and printing effects will be better. If it is not used yet, there will be problems. Said to be a negative influence.
  4. Design aspect. It is normal for an exquisite handbag to attract people. If the design of the handbag is very exquisite when it is printed, then others will not put it down when they get the handbag, and the reuse rate of customers will be higher. In this way Our publicity will also be better.
  5. In terms of printing methods. When printing handbags, paper handbags are generally printed using offset printing, while plastic handbags are generally screen-printed, and the same printing process also needs to be performed.

Tote Bag Designs Explaining Nine Design Sizes of Tote Bags

The design size of the tote bag is determined by the size of the inner packaging, but there are also commonly used standard sizes.

The design sizes of handbags commonly used in the market are generally divided into three types: 3 openings, 4 openings, and folios. The unit of size is composed of length × width × height. The following is a comprehensive list of the design dimensions of the handbag, including general and special sizes 883 Police Discount Code NHS.

Reference size of positive folio paper bag: 771mm×529mm

Positive folio tote bags do not have high requirements on the capacity of the tote bag, and it saves 10%-15% in paper cost compared to large tote bags. If the number of prints is small and both sides of the handbag are exactly the same.

you can consider using 2 pieces of 4-fold printing, and paste the 2 pieces into a complete handbag during subsequent processing, which can save some costs relatively. In practice, this scheme can be adopted in consultation with the printing factory. In addition, the bleeding at the upper and lower discount and deals of the screen can be appropriately enlarged, preferably larger than 5 mm.

Dadu folio paper bag reference size: 884mm×584mm

Handbags with generous folio size are one of the most common types of handbags, which can comfortably hold 8 and 12 hardcover albums. Such a large tote bag requires special attention to its load-bearing capacity.

And the knot in the buttonhole of the handle should be strong and thick to ensure that it will not fall out of the buttonhole. In addition, the inner bottom should be lined with a cardboard of more than 250g, so that the force on the bottom of the bag can be uniform, and the load-bearing capacity of the bag can be greatly improved.

Dadu 3-open handbag reference format size: 874mm×394mm

The generous 3-open handbag is horizontal, with a wide mouth and a shallow bottom. It is more convenient to pick and place items, and at the same time, the cost of paper is 33% less than that of the folio bag, which can meet the loading and carrying of A4 size material books.

And this horizontal structure is more conducive to displaying the visual effect of the picture. It should be noted that the distance between the lifting rope and the buttonhole should not be too small, it should be about 14cm, so as to ensure the balance of the center of gravity when lifting.

Reference layout size of positive 3-open handbag: 771mm×529mm

The Chengdu 3K handbag is slightly smaller Than the Dadu 3K, But it can still meet the carrying requirements of the A4 size book. However, after loading the A4 book in the horizontal direction. The width is only 3mm. And the book is easy to be turned inside when it is taken out. Note that paper costs can be reduced by around 10-15%.

Dadu Ding 3-open handbag reference format size: 874mm×394mm

Dadu Ding 3-moto bag is a relatively rare size type. Slightly square when viewed from the front. It is a seldom-used type of tote bag. It is suitable for carrying some special items, such as 12-moto albums. For design and printing precautions, refer to the 3-open handbag.