May 23, 2023

Enjoy Delicious and Authentic Jain Food on Train with IRCTC e-Catering

order jain food in train

Finding Jain cuisine is extremely difficult because Jains had to carry food with them while traveling by train. Zoop has offered the best answer to this problem by delivering Jain food in trains. The IRCTC e-Catering  partner sources its Jain food from reputable, FSSAI-approved restaurants that specialize in Jain cuisine. Thanks to Zoop, you will always get real Jain food on trains. Zoop maintains quality on all fronts, from choosing the ideal ingredients for Jain food to properly preparing it.

Through the Zoop website or app, you can easily order Jain food online and have it delivered to your seat in trains. With Zoop, you can order Jain food online for delivery in trains, eliminating the need for you to prepare and transport food. Largely sattvic, Jain cuisine. Jain texts state that a sravaska.

Why would I use Zoop in a train to order Jain food?

  • FSSAI-approved restaurant partners: Zoop has collaborated with reputable eateries that hold themselves to high standards when preparing Jain food and have attained this certification.
  • Food delivery at 450 stations: Zoop now offers healthy Food Delivery in Train services all over India. It is simple to get Jain food while taking a train at any of India’s more than 450 stations. India-wide meal delivery services for food served on trains. Jain food can be easily ordered at more than 450 Indian train stations.
  • Food that has been prepared in a hygienic manner: Restaurant partners with Zoop have a great reputation for doing so. You are no longer required to eat stale food prepared in an unhygienic manner by train vendors or the pantry car. Zoop has made it possible to order scrumptious, hot meals and have them delivered right to your train seat.
  • Simple ordering of Jain thali on trains: You may easily order Jain food from Zoop in trains using either online or offline ordering methods. To place an online order through the website, you can use your laptop or a mobile device. It is quite easy to order Jain food on a train.

How Do I Order Jain Food on Zoop While Traveling?

More than 450 locations across India have Jain food available in trains through Zoop. Simply adhere to these easy measures to Order Food on Train Online:.

  • Go to www. To download the Zoop app, visit or the Apple Store.
  • Choosing “Jain Food” from the menu.
  • Put your 10-digit PNR number in here.
  • Select the train’s boarding location where you want the delivery of Jain food.
  • Choose any restaurant from a variety.
  • Make your own Jain thali by selecting it from the menu.
  • To get a discount, apply Jain food coupons to your purchase.
  • To make your payment, select from a variety of online payment options, including net banking, UPI, wallets, credit cards, debit cards, or cash on delivery.
  • Once the delivery person contacts you to get your confirmation, you will receive a message of confirmation.
  • A Zoop delivery person will bring your food via contactless delivery to your train seat at the boarding location of your choice.

Jain food must be sampled on the train.

Similarly using the IRCTC e-Catering , are you by identity a Jain? You follow Jain eating practices as well. Jain vegetarian meals can now order on trains. I’ll go over a few Jain dishes you can eat on the train.

Upma: Upma has a wonderful aroma. Upma should be eaten for breakfast along with a lot of vegetables and coconut chutney.

Jain dal khichdi is the best food to eat for non-Jains. The khichdi has terrific flavor since each spice is just exactly for the optimum flavor. the light, too.

Travel is the ideal time for snacks. The silky and wholesome dhokla made from gram flour is a fantastic alternative for Jain in the evening. Jain can order this dhokla and a vegetarian tray without any hesitation.

A complete meal, the “Jain thali” is. Included are rice, flatbread or chapati, two varieties of sabzi, dal, pickle, and dessert. Consequently, you are unable to consume any onions or root vegetables. The thali also features daily servings of fresh vegetables.

Jain biryani: Jain people can now enjoy the flavor of biryani. Biryani with peas, bell peppers, beans, dry fruits, and a variety of spices. Additionally, it is the most favored.

Jain Mixed Vegetable Handvo: Jain cuisine is entirely vegetarian and quite delicious! Jain Mixed Handvo is one such outstanding meal. As the name implies, it is a recipe that includes a variety of vegetables, such as sweet corn and bottle gourd.

Khatta Dhokla : The most well-known Khatta Dhokla recipe is a morning dish that Jain people love.

 You are able to get Online Food Delivery In Train for yourself and for your family whether it’s jain food or something else.