June 5, 2023

Flowers for funerals that are long-lasting

funeral flowers

Although life is a beautiful gift, death is the gospel truth. Every one of us has to die one day, no matter who we are. No matter how well you know this fact, losing a loved one is always the most painful thing you will ever experience. In the aftermath of someone’s death, the greatest challenge is how to console grieving family members. The words to say to someone who has lost a loved one can sometimes be difficult. Hence, sending flowers to comfort a sad occasion is a thoughtful act. In the event that the flowers are long-lasting, the environment will be soothed for a longer period of time. When you encounter such a situation, get your bouquet of flowers from flower queen Greensboro NC to express your condolences. We have listed some long-lasting flowers that you should take into consideration before making your purchase. 


As well as being known as mums, these unique flowers have different meanings around the world that should be considered when designing a sympathy bouquet. Chrysanthemums are capable of lasting three to four weeks after being cut. Asian cultures view white chrysanthemums as a symbol of grief, while European view them as a symbol of death and only use them as part of memorial services. American culture tends to view chrysanthemums as light-hearted flowers that honor a loved one’s life.


In the summer, zinnias are at their best and will last for three to four weeks after being cut. As a result of their remarkable endurance, they are able to withstand extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. The flowers symbolize the longing to see someone again after being away. In memory of a dear friend who has passed away, zinnias are the perfect way to express your condolences.


For those mourning the death of a young child or young adult, lilacs are the most appropriate flower because of their symbolism and meaning. Its purple flowers symbolize innocence, and purity, making them the ideal bloom for grieving the loss of a child. Not only do lilacs offer symbolic meaning, but their strong fragrance also can provide comfort to those who are grieving. With same-day flower delivery in Greensboro NC, you can send flowers as soon as possible if you cannot reach them in person.


There are several varieties of gladioli available. They are bulbous plants that have to be planted in spring because they bloom in summer. During this period, it is possible to beautify the grave of a family member or friend. Generally, they last approximately 2-3 weeks once they are cut, however, it is advisable to change the water every few days.

Forget me not

The forget-me-not is a popular flower symbolizing remembrance, evoking memories of the deceased in your life. When you give these blue blooms to the family of a deceased loved one, you are letting them know that their memory will never be forgotten. This is the best choice for the family of the deceased as it is the symbol of everlasting memories.


In addition to their variety of colors, carnations are also appropriate for funerals and sympathy services. There are different meanings associated with each of its shades. Carnations in red show love and dedication, so they let grieving people know you’re there for them always. Pink carnations symbolize remembrance. There is a wide range of funeral flowers in Greensboro NC that are well known for their beautiful appearance and lasting beauty. In general, they last between two and three weeks after being cut. 


Due to their wide variety, lilies make excellent gravesite flowers. A lily usually lasts about two weeks after it is cut, and they are at its best during spring and early fall. They can be paired with different colors to honor specific relationships, much like orchids. The loss of a person who died too soon can be symbolized by yellow lilies, which represent youth and vitality, while its pink hue represents femininity and romance.

We hope these flowers with their fragrance will help you and others close to you ease their pain. In your sad times, www.myflowerqueen.com will support you with the best blooms.