May 22, 2023

How to Draw A Stack of Books Easily

Draw A Stack Of Books

How to Draw A Stack of Books. Reading a good book is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to pass your time.

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Many book lovers are familiar with the difficulty of having an ever-growing pile of books over your bedside table, but at least it means plenty of books are within reach!

While having a nice stack of books nearby is nice, it can also be fun to learn how to draw a stack of books to envision which books you would add to the collection.

Book lovers will surely appreciate the guide you are looking at right now, as it allows you to do just that!

How to Draw A Stack of Books

Step 1

In this first step of our tutorial on drawing a stack of books, we will draw the book on top of the stack.

This book has the spine facing us, as the reference image shows. To draw this book, use a ruler to trace the edges of the cover, making drawing perfectly straight lines much easier.

Using the reference image, you can draw a diagonal rectangle shape for the front of the cover.

Next, extend a small curved line down from each corner of this rectangle, then connect them with another straight line underneath.

Finally, draw another straight line parallel to the bottom of the book and then draw some lines inside this outline to show how the book pages will look.

We’ll add curved lines along the book’s spine for extra detail.

Step 2

Now that you’ve drawn the first book in this stack of book drawings, it’s time to draw the second.

This book will be positioned slightly differently than the first, as the spine is not facing us now.

We’ll start by using your ruler to draw the top cover of the book that’s sticking out and then extend more of those short, curved lines from the corners.

Finally, use some straighter lines for the back of the book that are parallel to the pages. Then add more page details, and we can move on to step 3 of the guide!

Step 3

This is the third step in drawing a stack of books guide, and you’ve done a great job so far!

For this part, you repeat what you did in the previous step two more times.

Two books will be added in this step, and although they are at slightly different angles, they will all be facing us with their pages instead of their spines.

Otherwise, you’re essentially doing what you did in the previous step and drawing straight lines for the edges of the envelopes and some curves for the sides.

We’re also drawing some bookmarks that descend from books for a bit of variety.

Step 4

In the final step of drawing your stack of books, you repeated what you did in step two. For part 4, we will repeat what you did in the first step.

This means that the spine of the book is before us again. Again, using your ruler, draw the edges of the covers that are visible to us.

Next, use curved and straight lines to draw the book’s spine like the first.

This time there will be a few line details on the spine, and again, we will draw a bookmark between the pages.

This time the bookmark will be a sticking-out rope instead.

Once this book is drawn, the next step is for us to add the final book and some final touches.

Step 5

You can now add the last book to the stack in this step of our how to draw a stack of books guide. This book, like some others, will have its back turned to us.

Because of this, you can repeat what you did to draw those other books for this one. When it’s drawn, you can add more details!

You could draw the cover of your favourite book on the top book or place other items next to the stack.

Step 6

We’re now completing your designed books by adding some cool colours! In our reference image, we tried using a different colour for each book cover to add a lot of variety.

Take a similar approach or keep the colours consistent to make these books appear as part of a collection.

These are just a few ideas you could try, but ultimately it’s up to you!

Your Stack of Books Drawing is Finished!