May 29, 2023

Pros And Cons Of Using Social Media Marketing In The Education Sector

social media marketing

social media marketing

For any industry, digital marketing is trending and generating lucrative results. Social media marketing is one of the most rampantly-used marketing strategies that has taken every industry by storm. 

Considering its reach, even the education sector uses social media marketing to share information. There are several advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing strategies applied in every industry. 

About Social Media Marketing

In today’s world of digitalisation and access, creating and sharing informational, professional, educational, and inspirational content on social media platforms is a common practice. Social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok are all the rage and revolutionising the world of education. 

Facebook alone has more than 2 million daily active users on the platform. About 90% of Instagram users follow organisations on their channels, and about 79% confirmed that quality content posted on social media channels has a greater impact on decision-making.

Organisations need to collaborate with an expert digital marketing agency for the education industry to run their social media marketing campaigns for them effectively.

But is it a blessing or a curse for the education industry?

Let us find out here!

Benefits of Social Media Marketing in the Education Industry 

Let’s look at the benefits of social media marketing for education.

Build A Relationship With Your Audience 

Audiences connect with your brand on social media channels. You can emphasise your organisational ethics by reflecting on your work style in your posts and videos. 

Informational social media content can help you share tips, take important sessions, acknowledge and react to concerns and issues, and build a strong relationship with the audience. You can also promote excellence in various fields, such as sports, academics, and extracurricular activities, which motivates the students. 


Social media marketing helps educational institutions connect with others. It also helps promote e-learning and encourages students to take online or additional online courses to strengthen their portfolios. Students can network, share information, follow influential personalities or celebrities, or make friends. 

Brand Awareness

Institutions can use the right logos, fonts, text, meaningful branding context, and colours to properly brand their content and make it recognisable to their audience. Audiences keep returning when they associate with branded content on social media channels. 

Go Live 

You can make important announcements by going live and connecting your audience to what matters. Announce what your organisation can think of new webinars, educational tours, great offers for her, and more. People love innovation and creativity and always appreciate content that can enhance their know-how.

Encourage Students

Felicitation of students on social media platforms encourages them to think out of the box and come up with creative work and assignments. Educational schools and colleges can post blogs, videos, pictures, collages, or clips of achievements and help students explore their innate talents.

Global Exposure

With social media, you can understand the curriculum and education parameters of various institutes across the globe. Students can learn about various courses, the eligibility and test format for entering into major streams, and many more, through social media channels.

Disadvantages Of Social Media Marketing In The Education Sector

There are several advantages of using social media platforms to highlight educational institutes. However, it has several cons:

Social Media Can Be Distracting For The Students

Sometimes, students start paying heed to what schools/colleges post on social media rather than their academic results. This can also lead to cyberbullying, social media addiction, or anti-socialising.

Can Be A Vulnerable Space

Educational institutes are pristine but fragile, and a set brand value is attached to them. One bad post or negative feedback or review can affect the institute’s reputation.

Expensive and Time-Consuming

You may require a whole team to invest time and money in the process, which can increase the overall expenditure of the organisation.

Exposure to Competitors

Too much social media exposure lets out much information about critical organisational policies, innovations, creative ventures, and student information to the competitors.


Technological advancements in any sector or industry come with pros and cons. If dealt with professionally, digital marketing, especially social media, is a great tool for educational institutes to expand their reach and gain benefits. 

It is substantial to collaborate with a professional and experienced digital marketing agency for the education industry to take the organisation’s marketing campaigns to the pinnacle of success.