June 5, 2023

The Megaminx Cube – A Dodecahedron-Shaped Rubik’s Cube With 12 Faces


The megaminx cube is a dodecahedron-shaped twisty puzzle that’s a lot like the classic Rubik’s Cube. But instead of just having six faces, it has 12!

A common problem in the 12-color Megaminx is a permutation of faces that causes behaviors inconsistent with the expectations of the solving method. These are called “impossible” permutations.

YJ YuHu Megaminx V2 M

The YJ YuHu Megaminx V2 M is the latest offering from Yongjun Toys, and is part of their updated budget magnetic Yu series. It is the first megaminx to come pre-magnetized from the factory and boasts a number of high tech features.

The puzzle features medium strength magnets that enhance the stability of the cube. A new circular ridge design is also a cool design concept that adds to the overall heft of the puzzle. The ridge also aids in grip, a must for any megaminx lover.

The YJ YuHu Megaminx is a cost effective and fun puzzle that will keep you coming back for more. It turns well and is easy to control. It is a little heavy to lift and turn in the hands but it’s not impossible. It is a worthy competitor to the big guns in the magnetic megaminx category. It will take a little practice to get the hang of it but after a few solves it is a pleasure to cube with.

GAN Megamix IPG-12

GAN Megamix IPG-12 is a great cube for anyone who likes to solve megaminx puzzles. It’s a light weight, factory magnetic megaminx which utilizes GAN’s popular GES spring system.

It’s made from carbon steel and high-strength plastic, so it’s sturdy and strong enough to hold up to your hard work. Plus, it’s tunable with interchangeable GES nuts.

Featuring 12-axis IPG core inside, GAN Megamix IPG-12 has 120 magnets aligned and positioned to help you make every single move precise and quick. It also comes with a lubricant long-lasting honeycomb touchface for smooth and easy performance.

This is the first megamix designed and manufactured by GAN. It features 12 faces and 62 pieces including 12 centre pieces. It weighs at 113g and offers brisk as well as swift performance. It also has frosted stickers to keep it scratch resistant and fingerprint-proof.

GAN Megamix GES v3

GAN Megamix GES v3 is the first speed cube from GAN with 120 systems of capsule magnets, making every turn a precise and quick move to break your limits. It also has Frosted Stickers to keep it scratch-resistant and fingerprint-proof.

With its patented system of GES (GAN Elasticity System), all sides of the cube can be set precisely and uniformly in terms of spring tension. This allows the cube to feel a smooth rotation as you solve it and reduces noise caused by springs during turns.

GES has three different elasticity levels: purple, blue and green. The purple GES nut has the weakest spring elasticity at 1.8 N, while the yellow GES nut is the strongest with 3.4 N.

The blue and green nuts offer a good median between stability and speed for your twisty puzzle. They have a higher tension than the purple nuts but still feel flexible and fast. They also provide an advantage for corner cutting.

QiYi Megaminx

The QiYi Megaminx is a high quality cube that offers a lot of value for its price. This cube is a good choice for beginners and professionals alike. It has a very fast and smooth rotation, great corner cutting, and is easy to grip thanks to its small ridges.

The Megaminx is also a great way to test your hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, and memory building abilities. This puzzle has some innovative features, including a sculpted piece design and a built-in spring.

The QiYi Megaminx is one of the most innovative and impressive puzzles on the market today. It comes with a lot of high-tech features, including the best anti-pop technology on the market, a patented centerpiece design, and a unique and fun shaped cube. It also features a large number of small ridges and a clever design that makes it easier to twist than the standard 3×3 Rubik’s Cube. It also comes with a nifty instruction book.