March 30, 2023

Top free online video downloader tools

A tutorial on downloading videos from Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook, among others. People are dedicating increasing amounts of time and effort to learning about and utilising various social media platforms. These websites allow users to view the most recent videos, GIFs, and viral images. Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook are popular social networks.

It is typical to find fascinating films, photos, and GIFs on these websites. The need to permanently archive content from certain social media networks conflicts with the absence of a download option on these platforms. Thus, you will need specialised video downloader software to completely collect videos from social networking platforms. Choose one of the video downloaders from the following list to save videos from various websites.
Use one of the following video downloaders to save videos from several websites.

Find out which website gives the most social media video downloads for free.


To download media from Reddit, you can utilise the RapidSave feature. You may save videos and GIFs from numerous websites, including Reddit, with this programme. To download a video from Reddit, simply navigate to the website and locate the thread containing the desired clip. To use this rapidsave, copy the URL by clicking “share” and then pasting it into the supplied text box. Use the download button to download the video or GIF to your device.

Twitter video download

Twitter video download is the greatest tool available for saving Twitter videos in HD quality. It is also a Twitter GIF downloader, so you may immediately save animated GIFs from your feed. Launch Twitter to obtain the download URL for a Twitter-submitted video or GIF. enables users to quickly download videos and GIFs for offline viewing. Then, click the download file option. Upon a click, the selected Twitter video or GIF will begin to play, along with a Download button and options for downloading the video in a number of quality settings. To save the movie or GIF in the selected quality, click the corresponding Download button. Videos and GIFs that you view on Twitter will be downloaded automatically.


Users frequently utilise SSYouTube to download YouTube videos. It is compatible with numerous video file formats, such as MP4 and MP3. This tool allows you to download stream east videos in a variety of high-definition codecs, such as Standard Quality (SQ), High Definition (HD), and Full HD. You can download a YouTube video by copying its URL and putting it into your web browser.

This ssyoutube application is simple to use; simply paste the ifun tv video’s URL and a selection of download quality options will appear.

Paste download

Entering the URL of the Tumblr video will initiate the download process. Simply paste the URL into the supplied area for the system to handle everything after you’ve copied it.

in addition to links for downloading the songs in MP3 format. To save the animixplay video to your computer or mobile(cell phone repair services) device, right-click “Download” and pick “Save link as.” To save the video to your phone, you must simultaneously hit the download link and the download button.

Reel it

With Reel it, you may download Instagram videos, images, Direct Messages, and stories for free.
Simply copy the link from the post and paste it into the input box to utilise this downloader. To begin downloading the movie or other files, simply click the download button. Once a video or other media has been saved to your device, you can view it whenever you like.


Getfvid is a web-based tool that enables the download of high-quality Facebook videos without the need for extra applications. This service allows users to download music and videos. Copy the video’s address from the app or website and paste it into your browser to download a dumpor video. After pasting the video’s Link, the Download option becomes available. The user is then presented with multiple download options, each of which correlates to a particular video doujindesu quality.

All in one downloader

This website performs similarly to other sites for downloading videos online. As a result, there is no cost and no registration is required. To download the video, only the URL is required. More noteworthy is the fact that the website only hosts mp4 video files. Before saving the file to your computer, its format is transformed to mp4


SnapTube, unlike other video-downloading services, has its own distinctive characteristics. Downloads of any size or duration are allowed without restrictions. This allows videos to be handled directly from TikTok. Moreover, you can keep downloaded videos within the programme.

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With the provided URLs, it is simple to download video and other content from social media networks such as Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook. Create playlists of your favourite videos on your phone or other mobile device, and view them whenever you want.

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