May 29, 2023

Types of Trained Dogs For Sale in the UK

We produce two types of trained dogs- a guard dog and a personal protection dog. These animals are highly biddable and crave a loving family. They are also very intelligent and confident dogs. They are dedicated to their purpose and are taught to protect you by demand through intense training, mental stability and obedience.

Guard Dogs

A guard dog can be a wonderful addition to any family. They are loyal and loving and can become your closest bud. They are also very intelligent and trainable to respond to real threats. They are a great choice for homes with young children and can help keep your kids safe in the house when you are not there.

There are many trained dogs for sale uk and the best ones have a combination of intelligence, loyalty and courage. Some breeds that are excellent guard dogs include Akitas, Pulis and Romanian Mioritic Shepherds. They are fiercely protective of their owners and are smart enough to learn quickly. Akitas are very strong and will take on any predator, but they will need regular exercise to stay healthy. Likewise, Romanian Mioritic Shepherds are very sociable and loving. They are good with children, and they will become a loyal member of your family. They have a natural instinct for protection, and their high energy levels will keep you entertained.

Personal Protection Dogs

A Personal Protection Dog (PPD) is a trained dog that provides physical and emotional security for their owner. They can be an invaluable asset for people who feel that their lives, family, home or business may be in danger one day. They are also an ideal solution for parents, females, celebrities and business owners who are worried about their safety.

Our Personal Protection Dogs are fully trained and come with a full twelve month training program that produces balanced animals with excellent temperament. They are social and obedient both on and off the leash, making them perfect for families and children alike. They are also trained to be man oriented and not equipment oriented meaning they will bite only when someone is wearing a bite sleeve or bite suit. They are fully checked by a Veterinarian before being delivered to their clients. They also come with X-rays of their hips, elbows and spine. This ensures that they will be a reliable and trusted member of your team for years to come.

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Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs are trained to interact with many people and behave safely around them. They’re used in hospitals, retirement homes, schools, mental health institutions and airports.

They help provide a sense of comfort and reduce stress levels for those with chronic illnesses, disabilities or anxiety. In addition, the interaction may increase oxytocin levels and dopamine that are associated with bonding and happiness.

When choosing a dog to become a therapy dog, the main thing is to choose one with a good temperament and who is easy to train. Smaller dogs are particularly well suited for the job because they can be easily lifted onto a hospital bed or held in a patient’s arms.

There are a number of breeds that make excellent therapy dogs. Some are highly adaptable and can notice subtle changes in their human friends’ behaviours and surroundings.