May 29, 2023

Universal Power Bank for smartphones, laptops, etc with Power Bank Price in Pakistan.

Power Bank Price in pakistan

Power Bank Price in pakistan

An interesting Power Bank with 10 types of output voltages from 3.5 to 21 V. It began with the fact that. By the nature of the work. A power bank was needed that could charge a laptop or be a wireless laboratory power supply. The choice of choosing a Power Bank depends on your budget. And the Power Bank Price in Pakistan is according to your budget. The choice fell on this device.

Device parameters are as follows:

  • Charging voltage: 16V-24V/1.6A (network cable connector Dimensions: 5.5*2.1-2.5mm)
  • DC output: 3.3A at 12V/15V/16V/19V/21V largest
  • USB port output: 5V/=2.1A (max)
  • 75W largest total output power; 65W greatest DC port (Max)
  • Can install 6 18650 batteries or 3pcs (Need to install an unprotected AC battery)
  • Support most laptops below 19V/4A, USB port: 25W (Max) Supports most tablet PCs. Telephone.
  • Sold without batteries.

A slight inconvenience is that it cannot be charged with a regular phone charger. After disassembling laptops, I had a certain amount of 18650 batteries.

I picked up more or less the same ones and made such a power supply for the LBP. Omit studying the device. The Power Bank Price in Pakistan it turned out that in the absence of current consumption. The output voltage disappears after a few seconds. If the consumer is not connected (or the consumption is low. Let’s say when powering the microcontroller). Then the output voltage disappears after 1 sec. To turn on the device after loading the batteries, you need to start it by pressing the button at the end.


When the power button is pressed, the battery voltage is displayed. In the operating mode, when you press the button at the end, the output voltage is displayed. The output accuracy is low. For example, when choosing 3.6V, the block gave out 4.85V. Although the block gave out other voltages quite . When choosing 21V. There was a nicer picture. The measurements were carried out without load. In order for the output voltage to remain in the absence of a load, it was necessary to make a revision – a sliding switch.

The collective farm, of course, but the main thing is the result. This switch duplicates the power button. It was notice that when the power button is press. The output voltage does not disappear even in the absence of load. The output voltage of the USB connector appears only when the switch selects 5V. For example, Power Bank is connected to a Redmi 4x smartphone, discharged by 2/3. To expand the possibilities. A special adapter was made and plugs were bought for all occasions.

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